Photo: Gene Chizik pre-games in a cryosauna before hosting Sirius XM Radio show

Photo: Kenny Perry/Twitter

Photo: Kenny Perry/Twitter

Forget the three-win debacle of a 2012 season that eventually got Gene Chizik canned at Auburn. Of course, that was shocking, but on Monday we learned of two even more surprising elements to this man’s life.

First, of course: what the heck is Chizik doing in the photo above?

Chizik is looking even more relaxed then when he had Cam Newton under center going up against Kentucky or some other FCS team (sorry Wildcats fans, that was mean; hopefully Mark Stoops can prove me wrong). That’s because he’s enjoying a few moments in a cryosauna before hosting his Sirius XM radio show.

That makes two guys connected to Auburn that have recently been spotted in this wild new piece of technology. 2013 PGA Champion Jason Dufner chilled out big-time in one while making a visit to campus.

What exactly does this machine do? Unfortunately, it won’t freeze your for 1,000 years so that you can enjoy the future and all of its flying cars, but it does cool you down at first:

The cryosauna will expose your skin to temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes or less. Your skin temperature will initially drop to 32 degrees before rising to 95 degrees for 30-45 seconds (normal skin temperature is 90.5 degrees) and then goes down to normal.

Finally, the second thing we learned on Monday: Gene Chizik has his own radio show?

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