Photo: Graham Glasgow is melting cat ladies’ hearts with sweater

Photo: Erik Gunderson/Twitter

Photo: Erik Gunderson/Twitter

Here are the pertinent details: Erik Gunderson is a reserve tackle for Michigan. He has played in one game so far in 2013. However, he is making headlines for a photo he posted to his Twitter account but has since deleted.

Above, ladies and gents, is the starting guard for the Wolverines, Graham Glasgow, along with his hilariously epic cat sweater.

Glasgow is only a sophomore. As a younger player, the guy is going to wear something weird every now and then, but we’ve got a few questions. Well, two questions, mainly.

First, where the heck did he find an article of clothing like that? Second – and this feels far more important – at 6-foot-6 and 303 pounds, where did he find a cat sweater big enough to actually fit?

The world may never know, but at least we know that this has actually happened, and it is glorious.

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[H/T: CBS Sports]