Photo: Here is your High School mascot Name of the Day

Photo via Reid Gibbs/Twitter

Photo via Reid Gibbs/Twitter

Yes, this is very real billboard featuring a freaky anthropomorphic ear of corn celebrating the school’s nickname.

The official nickname for Hoopeston (Ill.) High School is named after the workers who picked corn before mechanized picker implements were created. Unlike the University of Nebraska or Wichita State, which both have similar nicknames honoring their respective state’s agrarian history, society didn’t make “husker” or “shocker” a commonly used euphemism.

Interestingly, for having a “hoop” in the town name and its location near some of the most fertile basketball ground in the nation, the school’s is actually not not very good at hoops. The Cornjerkers varsity boy’s team finished 4-23 last season. Perhaps they were feeling a little demoralized hearing fans cheering for the “‘Jerkers.”

Couldn’t these poor teenaged souls just be the Warriors or Eagles or something?

[H/T: Reid Gibbs via Twitter]

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