Photo: Is Germany’s Winter Olympics outfit a ‘silent protest?’

Photo: Steve Wilson/Twitter

Photo: Steve Wilson/Twitter

Are Germany’s technicolor dreamcoat outfits politically charged, or simply fashion-forward?

The official outfits for the German National Winter Olympic team have been released along with a very simple description from

The uniforms, which German Olympic skier Daniel Bohnacker described as “trendy,” consist of a blue, white, yellow and green jacket — paired with white pants for male athletes, and bright red and orange pants for female athletes. The teams’ hats have a stripe reminiscent of the German flag set in bright blue and red color schemes.

“Trendy” is one way to describe the look. Others are calling it a “silent protest.” The 2014 Winter Games are set to be held in Sochi, Russia, where the calls to soften anti-gay laws have been ignored by the nation’s government. Russia does not legally allow for any public displays of homosexuality, whether by a couple, on a poster, on TV, or in any other aspect of public life.

Many athletes have spoken out in support of the LBGT community as the Games approach. The Germans contend that their new look in not politicized, though it is being interpreted as such.

What are you thoughts on the multi-colored gear? Could this be taken as a political statement against Russia or is it just innocent, fashionable fun?

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