James Harden’s big booty stripper buddy is all kinds of photogenic [Gallery]

Photo via Black Sports Online

Photo via Black Sports Online

Oklahoma City’s a pretty solid city, but it looks like James Harden is glad to be in Houston. The 23-year old Harden signed an $80 million contract prior to the 2012 season, and with several months until any meaningful basketball, it is time to see some of his new city’s sights.

Huge sights.

The photo above has been making the rounds, but no one had known who Harden’s big booty buddy was until Black Sports Online identified her as Houston stripper SYN Da Lady Hustler.

Seriously, that’s her name, and below are more photos of her and her booty — which is pretty much just as unbelievable as calling oneself “SYN Da Lady Hustler.”

Some folks are saying that the two may be dating, but no romantic connection beyond Harden’s apparent beer goggles has been confirmed as of writing. She seems single enough, fellas, but you would have to handle all of that, which would not be such a simple task.

Didn’t T-Pain sing a song about this?

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