Jason Collins’ brother Jarron wears ‘I’m The Straight One’ t-shirt

jarron collins im the straight one shirtOh the troubles with being a twin sometimes. Jason Collins recently became the first active male athlete in the four major American sports to openly announce that he was gay.

What did that mean for his twin brother Jarron? Well, it meant he had to find himself a way for his brother and him to differentiate themselves.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel hooked Jarron up with this “I’m The Straight One” t-shirt on his late night show, and apparently Jarron has taken a liking to it.

Reddit user shreaderman posted this photo of his brother and a friend with Jarron in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Following is the clip from Kimmel’s show when he presented Jarron with the shirt.

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[H/T Deadspin]