Cincinnati Reds auction off bloody Jeff Samardzija baseball [Photos]

jeff smardzija bloody baseball 1

Here’s the situation: In the first inning of the Cincinnati Reds’ April 24 game against the Chicago Cubs, outfielder Shin-Soo Choo hit a chopper up the middle, which Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija attempted to field.

Instead of bringing the ball in cleanly, it cut open Samardzija’s hand, bloodying both his pants and the ball. The pitcher hid the cut from the umpire and kept on firing away.

Samardzija’s blood left the Reds with a fantastic piece of memorabilia. And what do we do with bloody sports memorabilia, boys and girls? That’s right, we auction it off.

This particular ball was actually a foul off the bat of Zack Cozart. It sold for the fairly high auction price of $130.01.

This isn’t exactly the bloody sock Curt Schilling wore with the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Why anyone would actually want it is a question that may never be answered, although cloning Samardzija’s DNA comes to mind.

We tease, but actually the earnings went to the Reds’ charity fund, meaning players should start bloodying up balls more often.

jeff smardzija bloody baseball

Here’s the video of the chopper.

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