Jesse James cut off his finger, these GRUESOME photos of the severed pinky are the result

jesse james severed finger 2


If your stomach is easily upset at the sight of blood or gruesome photos, you should probably turn back now, seriously. Even if you can handle gruesome photos, this one will still probably make you cringe at the sight of it.

What we have here is a photo of Jesse James’ right hand. According to TMZ, the motorcycle man chopped off the whole entire top of his pinky.

What does a man as badass as James do when he chops off his own finger? Why post it to his Instagram account with the following line, of course.

“Doesn’t look like this little dude’s gonna make it, Nice know’n you little buddy.”

Here’s a video of James discussing the loss of his little guy and below is a photo.

jesse james severed finger

jesse james severed finger 1

jesse james cut off finger