Photo: Giant Joe Flacco banner hung on Denver Broncos’ stadium, no joke

Photo: Todd Sutton/Twitter

Photo: Todd Sutton/Twitter

Thanks to a scheduling snafu with the Baltimore Orioles, the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens have been forced to open the 2013 season on the road – a rarity. In order to appease the blackbirds, the NFL has apparently OK’d a massive banner featuring the most boring man in the NFL right next to the Mile High entrance facade and Bucking Bronco statue.

Yes, the very same Joe Flacco that broke the hearts of Denver fans everywhere after completing a miracle Hail Mary to beat the Broncos in overtime in the playoffs. That guy now has a banner that every single Denver fan will see.

Smooth, NFL, way to play off that scheduling issue gracefully.

At least the Broncos will have some new – and giant – bulletin board material.

[H/T: Fansided]