Photo surfaces of Johnny Manziel signing autographs with Drew Tieman

Photo obtained by Darren Rovell/ESPN

Photo obtained by Darren Rovell/ESPN

There is still no physical evidence of cash exchanging hands, but for the first time, we have photographic evidence of Johnny Manziel physically signing autographs for broker Drew Tieman.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell has confirmed that the above photo is of the defending Heisman Trophy winner signing photos with his likeness on it along with Tieman right next to him.

The NCAA has already punished Manziel by suspending him for the first half of the Texas A&M season-opener against Rice. However, that was before this photo has surfaced – and also, again, before money has surfaced.

We are not sure yet how this new photo will affect Manziel’s eligibility, if at all. Remember, we can’t just assume that Manziel received money for these autographs simply because of a picture.

With that being said, it is interesting to see Manziel and Tieman in the same room for the first time. What’s also interesting is the impeccable timing of the release of the photo, less than 24 hours before kickoff of the Alabama vs A&M game.