Photo: Keegan Bradley balls out in elephant print Air Jordans for President’s Cup

Photo: AP, via For The Win

Photo: AP, via For The Win

Keegan Bradley debuted a wild new pair of elephant-print Air Jordans for Wednesday’s President’s Cup Media Day and practice rounds. Mostly white, the shoes include gold-embossed elephant print across the tops of the toes, along the sides and finally wrapping around the heel.

Who knew golfers had such swag?

Of course, the shoes made exclusively for Bradley include the one and only Jordan “Jumpman” silhouette  – along some wild red laces and a baller American flag along the elephant print heel.

“I’m excited to wear his shoes and be part of [Michael Jordan’s] brand,” Bradley told reporters. “Just wearing these shoes makes me a little bit cockier, little more ready to win.”

Too slick.