Ouch: Kevin Durant’s massive back tattoo has a misspelled word on it

kevin durant giant back tattoo misspelled word

Photo via Kevin Durant Instagram.

Early on Wednesday, we reported that Kevin Durant finally had the finishing touches put on the massive back tattoo seen above.

However, what we failed to notice was the misspelling of the word “mature” (at least, we’re pretty sure it’s not spelled “mautre”) in the first line of the script on the right side of the photo.

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Luckily for the entire blogosphere, nothing goes unnoticed in the Twitter age. Check out the misspelling at the very bottom of the photo, near Jesus’ beard.

Now, we say it’s lucky for us here in the blogosphere, and it is, because it’s pretty funny. We can’t say the same for Randy (@TattoosByRandy), the guy who inked the Oklahoma City superstar’s back.

Right after the job was done, the two took in a Minnesota Lynx game together and Randy posted the photo below to his account. We’re just going to go ahead and assume Durant did not know about the mistake yet.

kevin durant huge back tattoo misspelled word