Photo: Larry Sanders’ hand ‘receives’ new misspelled tattoo

Photo: Instagram/larrysanders

Photo: Instagram/larrysanders

There’s typically a rule of thumb (all pun intended) when getting a new tattoo. Make sure that the words on the tat are spelled correctly.

Milwaukee Bucks power forward/center Larry Sanders apparently didn’t play by this rule recently when he got new ink on his hand. The tattoo appears to be running along his left thumb, and reads “recieve.”

That, folks, is not right at all. What’s even worse is the fact that the word is the entire tattoo.

At least they make it easy to remove permanent tattoos nowadays.

  • Angel

    I before E except after C. Do they not teach that staple in school anymore??

    • Badger1969

      Remember who is getting the tatoo and who is giving the tatoo, both are usually academically challenged.