Photo: Maurice Jones-Drew pranked big-time in Jaguars locker room

Photo: Jaguars/Twitter

Photo: Jaguars/Twitter

The man in the photo above, ladies and gents, is Jacksonville defensive end Jason Babin.

Where is he? In the Jaguars’ locker room, in front of star running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s locker.

What is that with him, you ask? Well, there’s the kicker: It’s a massive pile of cleats and shoes piled up in front of MJD’s personal space.

After a full training camp and two-a-days, can you imagine how bad this pile of kicks smells? Terrible, that’s how it smells.

And therein lies the beauty of the prank. We can’t wait to see how Jones-Drew gets back at him.

  • Richard Smith

    His name is Jason Babin, but since this guy is not a real sports reporter I guess I can let it slide.

    • Gamedayr

      Give ’em hell! Thanks for the correction, much appreciated.