Miami Marlins, looking even more desperate, are now selling $1 tickets

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We hate to introduce yet another round of Miami Marlins bashing, but this franchise has really brought it upon itself this season. Owner Jeffrey Loria collected millions in taxpayer money under the auspices of putting a winning team in a sparkling new stadium. However, the 2012 season was a failure in spite of the fact that he and his staff had gone out and signed a gaggle of high-priced free agents.

Instead of keeping a few of the young stars and selling off a few underperforming, aging players for winning pieces the organization held one of its patented fire sales. The team is now a collection of players who still belong in Triple-A, veterans who could not catch on anywhere else and Giancarlo Stanton.

No one is going to pay any sort of real money to watch that team.

So what are the folks in the Marlins ticketing office going to do?

We have seen them put Opening Day tickets on Groupon, give tickets away to FAU students, offer an FSU night (where fans are encouraged to cheer for Buster Posey, who plays for the Giants and not the home team) and now Miami is literally giving tickets away.

Well, not literally, but selling them for the price of two McDonald’s apple pies is just about there.

As a way of getting people to pay attention to the team’s social media efforts – not to mention its actual players – #DieHardFish fans can purchase tickets to its Aug. 20 game against the Dodgers for a buck.

If this were any other team, we’d be praising the benevolence of the organization. Unfortunately, this is not any other team, this is the Marlins.

And the desperation reeks worse than a rotten marlin.

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