Photo: Miami Marlins print wrong date on re-sold no-hitter tickets

Photo: Steve, via Deadspin

Photo: Steve, via Deadspin

The Miami Marlins aren’t quite this embarrassing, are they? Apparently, they are.

Henderson Alvarez closed out the 2013 season on Sept. 29 with a no-hitter, just the fourth to be thrown in any finale for any team since 1900. It was definitely a historical feat, but there were more than 9,000 empty seat in Marlins Stadium for it.

In order to commemorate the event – and make a quick buck, of course – the Miami brass announced that it would be selling those previously unsold tickets for $15 a pop as memorabilia. Not a fantastic idea, but not a terrible one either.

As expected, however, the Marlins completely “Marlins-ed” their promotion. Not only did the $15 go towards crappy, print-out PDFs instead of actual tickets, but they got the date wrong. Allow us to repeat: The Marlins got the date wrong for one of the biggest pitching performances in franchise history. It’s not like they didn’t have time to perfect this, it’s the offseason after all.

Notice the date, Oct. 3, above. Not even close, Marlins, not even close.

Technically speaking, the team will not be allowing any hits on this date either, but that’s only because this 100-loss ballclub is mercifully done for the year.

For those wondering, below is the actual ticket that all six or seven Miami fans out there bought before the final game of the year:

Marlins No-Hitter Ticket