Photo: Mingo Central high school football helmets are crazy swaggerish

Photo: AthleteSwag

Photo: AthleteSwag

What do we have here?

Generally speaking, we here at Gamedayr try to stay out of the high school levels at all costs – we’ll leave the recruiting chatter over pubescent athletes to those that seem to be far more comfortable with the subject.

That being said, how could we possibly pass these helmets up? There is more swag in these matte black Mingo Central Miner lids than most power conference college football teams. The teal blue stripe begins, razor-thin, above a “Dig In” credo at the front of the facemask and gradually widens until it finishes at the back of the head. A silhouette of the state of West Virginia is a hyper-classy touch inside the stripe as well.

Don’t even get us started on the “M” logo on the side – too fresh.

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*Update* Aug. 15, 1:00 p.m.

The fellas over at Mingo Central were pretty pumped we featured their helmets on the site, and were thoughtful enough to provide us here at UniBlog with a few more angles.

Don’t worry, ladies and gents, these bad boys remain crazy-swaggerish.