Photo: Notre Dame, Syracuse and Pitt mascots are pumped to join ACC

Photo via Will Brinson/Twitter

Photo via Will Brinson/Twitter

It’s official: After all the shuffling and the tumbling of a seemingly never-ending stream of proverbial dominoes, three athletic programs have officially bolted the remains of the Big East for the greener pastures of the ACC.

On July 1, Pitt, Syracuse and Notre Dame all officially became members of its new conference with the Irish joining in all sports but football (it will still five games annually against ACC teams).

Its mascots were pumped to join the fray, and so is Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson.

“We’re not going to change dramatically how we do things, but scholarship funding and so forth does make a difference in terms of how many players you have on your team, and probably the quality of players you have on your team,” Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson told Sam Werner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I think everybody’s going to be at a great competitive advantage.”

Wonder how excited the rest of the ACC is to have a giant orange ball as one of its new mascots?

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