Rays reporter Kelly Nash takes the most amazing selfie ever, proves angels in the outfield exist

kelly nash baseball photo

This has to go down as one of the most amazing selfies in photograph history.

This is Sun Sports Rays reporter Kelly Nash. She was standing on top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park on Saturday when she decided to snap a photograph of herself.

The photo would have likely circulated the blogosphere regardless of the moment she captured behind her, because Nash has got it going on.

If you take a look over her right shoulder you’ll see a baseball hovering. The ball came screaming off of the bat of a player taking batting practice.

Nash recalls the experience:

“I was taking a picture of myself in the seats above the Green Monster during Red Sox batting practice.

“Producer Art Dryce had called out ‘heads up!’ a few times while I was taking pictures around the left field section, but none of those balls actually fell close to me, so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture.

“My whole family is from Massachusetts, and I knew they would be so excited to see me working at Fenway Park, and when I went to text them the picture I noticed the baseball by my head!

Nash didn’t even know that she narrowly escaped a massive headache until she texted the picture to her family.

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It’s a pretty crazy story, only made crazier by the fact that Nash had a DVD copy of Angels In The Outfield with her at the time.

kelly nash angels in the outfield