Photo: Penn State is selling commemorative t-shirts for Syracuse win

Photo: Penn State Athletics Online Store

Photo: Penn State Athletics Online Store

Hey, when people still associate Penn State athletics with the horrendous Jerry Sandusky scandal, you’ve got to enjoy the small things when they come.

For example, a season-opening win over Syracuse: For most programs nationwide, beating a team that finished 8-5 in 2012 and was dealing with a coaching change is nice, but not exactly cause for celebration.

It is going to be another three years until the Nittany Lions can participate in a postseason bowl, however, so might as well celebrate 23-17 wins over the Orange, right? Heck, might as well make a t-shirt while they’re at it.

This from the school’s official online store:

Dominating the gridiron is what the Nittany Lions do best, and their win over the Orange on August 31st was no different! Relive their victory over Syracuse with this Score tee. Featuring vibrant team graphics along with the scores from the game, this T-shirt will showcase your Penn State pride while bragging about your awesome team!

Thank goodness these shirts have vibrant team graphics.

[H/T: FTW]

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  • psu1989

    I think your making a bigger deal out of it because it’s Penn State. Furthermore, anyone who associates what happen with Penn State athletics and therefore the school and its students athletes IS A HATE FILLED, SMALL MINDED , INGNORANT PERSON. Sandusky WAS ONE GUY, AN EX COACH WORKING ON CAMPUS UNDER THE COVER OF A CHARITY ORGANIZATION CALLED THE SECOND MILE. That monster is now rotting IN PRISION and the FEW PAST LEADERS that were responsible HAVE ALL BEEN FIRED AND NOW LONG GONE. People who are still hating on the name Penn State ARE SIMPLY IGNORANT IMMATURE PEOPLE.

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