RGIII thanks the fans for buying all of his wedding registry gifts

Recently we found out that Robert Griffin III was getting hitched this summer when his mom hinted at it during a Washington Post interview. Digging just a little deeper, a Bed, Bath & Beyond wedding registry for Griffin and fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat was uncovered.

Enter the fans.

Anyone who felt so inclined to purchase RGIII a wedding gift was welcomed to. All they had to do was log onto Bed, Bath & Beyond and select what they wanted to get the Redskins’ star for his big day.

According to RGIII’s tweet on Sunday, the fans bought absolutely everything that was registered.

As to be expected, there were some haters on the Twitter-verse. RGIII didn’t publicly ask fans to buy him the gifts. They simply found the registry on their own and being such big fans, wanted to show Griffin some love.

Every party has a pooper, but RGIII isn’t letting the few overwhelm the support of many.

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