Photo: Robert Griffin III enjoys Vegas bachelor party

Photo via 2DaySports

Photo via 2DaySports

The wedding date for RGIII and his fiance, Rebecca Liddicoat, (here’s a photo gallery in case you were wondering) was recently leaked by the star Washington Redskins quarterback’s own mother, actually.

Well, the former Heisman winner at Baylor could not go through with it without a proper bachelor party (who can?). The photo above shows RGIII in fine form during the Liddicoat-less shindig at a Vegas pool.

Does the young baller look a little tossed? Yes, yes he does, but who are we to judge? The man is rehabbing from his second torn ACL, is gearing up to take the beating of yet another NFL season and is, of course, about to hitch himself up to the ole’ ball ‘n chain.

If that isn’t a great list of reasons to knock a couple back, we don’t know what is.

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