Photo: Arby’s has reserved a parking spot for Robert Griffin III

Photo via Mark T. Farmer/Twitter

Photo via Mark T. Farmer/Twitter

Does Washington Redskins superstar Robert Griffin III have a thing for curly fries?

Or, after spending the day working out his surgically-repaired knee, does the former Heisman winner at Baylor just need as many roast beef sandwiches as possible?

While we’re not sure exactly what RGIII’s menu item of choice may be or often he hits it up, Arby’s is certainly very welcoming of the quarterback, that’s for sure. At a location near the Redskins’ training camp in Richmond, Va. the local Arby’s has put up a sign reserved for the quarterback.

Now, even in a dinner rush, the man will never have to worry about finding a parking spot at this franchise.

But does his fiancee, Rebecca Liddicoat, get the same treatment?

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