Russell Wilson Kaepernicking in Colin Kaepernicks’ grill-piece

russell wilson kaepernicking madden

Colin Kaepernick/Instagram

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are poised to take each other on for far more than simply the NFC West crown in 2013. Both teams understand that they will most likely have to get through each other to earn a potential trip to the Super Bowl.

But first, the star quarterbacks of each team had themselves a very different score to settle – one that could only be handled in the virtual arena.

The two were facing off in a Madden dual for the ages, and after Wilson scored a touchdown, he went Kaepernicking all up in the actual Kaepernick’s grill-piece. Their game was played for a Madden 25 commercial set to air at a later date, but Wilson, for one, wasn’t acting.

How else to explain the totally unnecessary (but really just so incredibly necessary) eye black?

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