Pieced-together notes show reasons for keeping Kings in Sacramento [Photo]

sacramento ripped up notes plans

The Board of Governor’s meeting in Dallas had been very recently wrapped up. However, after it had been declared that the Kings would be staying in Sacramento, the hotel in which the meeting had taken place was locked down under a tornado warning.

While some folks would have hit the lobby bar for a scotch on the rocks, or others may have taken a dip into the whirlpool, USA Today’s Sam Amick had other plans.

Such as figuring out how those involved had decided to keep the NBA franchise at home.

Amick, in an impressive display of, well, puzzle-building, pieced together a set of ripped-up notes that showed that while the Sonics’ offer was more lucrative, Sacramento had done enough to keep their team.

While this is a really cool piece of insider information, those Board of Governor’s folks are presumably pretty loaded — can we get these guys an iPad?

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[H/T: SB Nation]