Sweet Pea and Bryant McKinnie go way back, back into time

sweet pea bryant mckinnie jacoby jones

Photo: Instagram/bryantmckinnie

I’ve been looking for words to bring to you with this photo for the past 20 minutes, but all I keep thinking is, “Wow.”

Here we have Bryant McKinnie, the infamous Sweet Pea, Annqunetta, Queen, Pumpkin, Pinkey, Howard and, wait for it, @nopantiesinc.

According to McKinnie’s Instagram post, this photo is from Valentine’s Day ’03. The same Sweet Pea who dropped bottles on Jacoby Jones has been kicking it with McKinnie for over a decade – mind you, McKinnie has gone from Minnesota to Baltimore in that time period.

You want to know why Jones got beat up by a stripper? Because…

sweet pea hoes be trippin

[H/T @BustedCoverage]