Photo: Texas A&M will wear Tongan-inspired helmet sticker for Polo Manukainiu

Photo: Imgur

Photo: Bob Ballou/Twitter

Trinity High (Texas) graduate and Texas A&M sophomore Polo Manukainiu tragically passed away in an overnight car accident at the end of July.

After crashing early in the morning, the news was not known to the Aggies family until the next morning. His teammates were devastated, and understandably so.

In commemoration of the fallen defensive end, Texas A&M will be sporting the above sticker on their helmets during the 2013 season. The No. 90 would have been Manukainiu’s number this fall. The pattern within the decal is Tongan-inspired; the young man’s family originally came from the island.

Obviously, this will never be enough, but it is a classy touch and hopefully the 12th Man rallies around it.

[H/T: College Football Reddit]