Photo: Texas fans are selling ‘Saban 2014’ t-shirts

Saban-Texas-2014 t shirts

Photo: Twitter/JasonARogers

Nick Saban might be “too damn old to start over,” but Texas fans don’t care. During Saturday’s Texas – Kansas State game day in Austin, fans were spotted selling “SABAN 2014” t-shirts.

You can pick up your very own for the right price of $15 at

Contrary to what one would think, this site is not promoting Texas to “fire Mack,” but rather just to advance Longhorn football.

This site is dedicated to the advancement of Longhorn football.  This is not a “Fire Mack” site.  We are grateful to Mack for bringing Texas football back. We just feel it is time for him to move on and we hope he retires with dignity and gets his name on some buildings.  Our goal is to bring Nick Saban in as the new coach of the Horns in 2014.  He is the best coach in America and we should not settle for anything less.  So sign the petition, comment on our blog, like us on Facebook, buy a t-shirt and for crying out loud tell your friends and family about us so we can make an impact!  Join the movement that will help bring Championship trophies back to Austin, TX.

It’s come to the point that even the fans who like Mack are ready to see him go. Not a good sign for the oft-maligned head coach.