Photo: Virginia Tech currently developing ‘Hokie Stone’ helmets

Photo: Andy Bitter/Twitter

Photo: Andy Bitter/Twitter

A Hokie is technically a neutered turkey, but Virginia Tech figures it has the stones to make these wild new helmets work anyways.

In an amazing move away from the trend of ultra-bright chrome, coach Frank Beamer’s website has officially announced that these limestone-inspired lids are the beginning design for a future team helmet.

According to Virginia Tech, there is a limestone quarry near the school and roughly 80-percent of the buildings on campus have been constructed with it. The material has thus earned the nickname “Hokie Stone,” which is also what these helmets will be called.

Allow us to say it: If Va Tech can really pull these off, we could be seeing the first of a series of schools combining landmarks or traditions into new lids, and we are excited for the possibility.

What do you think, will Hokie Stone work as a football helmet? Sound off in the comments section below!

[H/T: FTW]