Photo: Western Michigan to honor Ben Flick with Cincinnati helmet sticker

Photo: Phil Hecken/Twitter

Photo: Phil Hecken/Twitter

In a show of genuine class, Western Michigan will wear Cincinnati Bearcats helmet stickers on Saturday in order to honor Ben Flick.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but the young men we scream for and urge on to victory on Saturdays are mere teenagers, or just a few years older. They have not had the happiness, or the blessing, of a long, full life.

When one is cut short, that player’s teammates, coaches, friends and family are all left with a tragic, empty feeling.

Such has been the situation at Cincinnati this week. Just a few short hours after the Bearcats’ 14-0 win over Miami (OH) a week ago, Flick and three others were involved in a single-car accident. Flick, devastatingly, lost his life. Two of his teammates suffered severe injuries.

In order to commemorate the loss, the Broncos have no problem wearing another school’s logo on their own helmet. Nor should they.

The action will never bring Flick back, but the small gesture will go a long way towards showing respect for the loss of a man robbed of his life far too early.