Photo: Wyoming Cowboys unveil uniform selection for Week 2 vs. Idaho

Photo: Wyoming Cowboys FB/Twitter

Photo: Wyoming Cowboys FB/Twitter

The Wyoming football program has added an interesting twist to the ever-increasing uniswag game. The Cowboys will be busting out several different uniform combinations during the 2013 season, and they will be unveiling what they are wearing the Monday before each game.

For Week 1, Wyoming unveiled a slick, all-white set of threads and nearly upended Nebraska before losing, 37-34.

For the Week 2 showdown against Idaho, Wyoming will be sporting matte brown helmets to match brown jerseys with yellow pants. The pants match the yellow numbers and lettering on the jerseys. Both the all-whites of last week and these feature “WYO” across the front and feathering near the collarbone.

We are loving the idea behind the unveilings. We here at UniBlog are already looking forward to what else is in store for the 2013 season.