Atlanta Falcons release newly approved conceptual stadium designs

new atlanta falcons stadium design

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In April, the Atlanta Falcons made waves by releasing potential new stadium designs that were so futuristic they came included with individually vibrating seats.

On Tuesday, the franchise came another step closer to making its billion-dollar new digs a reality when a single conceptual design was approved at the Georgia World Congress Center.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of the whole thing, only that it will definitely take the cake for most futuristic building to ever house 70,000-plus screaming football fans. The photo above depicts what the stadium will look like from an aerial view. Its roof will expand and contract in a sort of star formation, opening to the heavens with all the technological opulence commish Roger Goodell would expect from a future home of his untouchable Super Bowl.

In fact, the opening itself is now wider than in the stadium’s original designs, and its walls will be clear as the day. In the photo below, the Atlanta skyline is featured out of a wall, but the technology actually runs deeper than that: The entire exterior will become clearer depending upon the city’s weather. How wild is that?

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There are obviously plenty of sticking points remaining before the absolute final design of the Falcons’ new stadium is unveiled in 2014. For starters, Atlanta is still looking for a primary sponsor to name the building after. Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A and Delta are three big names being tossed around, according to SB Nation.

Perhaps more importantly is the actual final location of the stadium itself. If it is built just south of the current Georgia Dome, two historic churches will have to be moved (demolished?). A move just north would mean a worse view of the city’s skyline. Also, whether or not an MLS team will be enjoying the digs is also being looked into.

For now, enjoy these insane renderings.

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