Baltimore Orioles rock Canadian Tuxedos for trip north of the border [Photos]

Adam Jones/Instagram

Adam Jones/Instagram

The Baltimore Orioles were headed north of the border to take on the Toronto Blue Jays. In an homage to our Maple Leaf neighbors, the team sported the best fashion we have seen all year with some spectacular Canadian Tuxedos.

Outfielder Adam Jones posted the above team photo to his Instagram account, as well as the one below, featuring himself and Manny Machado. Yes, Machado is wearing overalls over his tuxedo, because why not?

Seriously, does it get any better than denim-on-denim-on-denim? We didn’t think so.

Then again, had someone been sporting jorts, then our minds would have really been blown.

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baltimore orioles adam jones canadian tuxedos

Adam Jones/Instagram

[H/T: Cut 4]

  • Miranda Quilty

    Rude! Maybe the next time I cross the border I will dress according to an insulting stereotype.