Photos: Kevin Sumlin kicks it with Usher at UFC162

Photo via Kevin Sumlin/Twitter

Photo via Kevin Sumlin/Twitter

Quarterback Johnny Manziel isn’t the only VIP baller at Texas A&M. Guess who was sitting ringside at the UFC162 Saturday night event?

None other than coach Kevin Sumlin – and who was he kickin’ it with?

That, ladies and gents, would be none other than Usher Raymond.

We’re going to go ahead and go out on a limb that Sumlin had a better night relaxing in street clothes with the r&b superstar than Anderson Silva had in the ring. The Aggies head man had a front-row seat to the heavily favored fighter’s big-time loss. Riding a 16-match win streak into the evening, the 38-year old Silva was knocked out cold by 29-year old Chris Weidman.

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