Photos: LeBron James’ Thanksgiving dinner puts Heat players to sleep

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James had the team over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. The Heat played the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, so James was able to host the team at his Ohio mansion the next day.

Judging from the photos (posted by Reddit user LeBronKingJames) that followed the dinner, King James’ meal was a success.

Who would have known Chris Bosh looked so peaceful when catching some Z’s?

Dwyane Wade likes to nap with a blanket; Mario Chalmers goes with the hand pillow; Michael Beasley doesn’t mind a sore neck; and Greg Oden props his eye glasses…wait a minute, that’s not Oden. The last photo appears to be assistant coach Bob McAdoo.

chris bosh thanksgiving sleeping

dwyane wade thanksgiving sleeping

mario chalmers thanksgiving sleeping

michael beasley thanksgiving sleeping

bob mcadoo thanksgiving sleeping

James shared this photo of him and the crew to Instagram.

lebron james thanksgiving