Each NFL team has a crazy freakish cartoon mascot like Oakland

Photo: Renderosity.com

Photo: Perception NYC, Renderosity.com

Remember that horrendous, just plain comically bad Oakland mascot called “Raider Rusher?” Well, in case you had forgotten, take another peek:

Mr. Rovell was not joking. This is a very real thing, only it gets worse: As the photo at the top of the post shows, there is a bizarre, torso-free cartoon embodiment of each individual NFL franchise.

At the moment, it looks like Oakland is the only franchise silly enough to actually turn this animated weirdness into a living, breathing thing. Deadspin is reporting that Raider Rusher will be hanging out in the kids’ areas at O.Co Coliseum.

Yes, at the moment, we are all laughing at the Raiders as the team strives to make little kids addicts of the team with this creepy new mascot.

But just remember: Some day, that could be your team. Take the Browns, for example. That franchise is bad enough to try just about anything to get fans into the stadium, right? We have no idea whether that’s true or false, but honestly the Browns seem like the type of team that would do this – there just is no end to the embarrassment of being fan of these guys.

Why not the Chiefs?

Photo: nflrz.nflrush.com

Photo: nflrz.nflrush.com

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