Leaked photos confirmed as Miami Dolphins’ new logos [Photos]


Back in December, one innocent sketch of a sleeker, slimmer and helmet-free dolphin began making the rounds on the blogosphere as the potentially new logo of the Miami Dolphins.

A little while later, it was confirmed that the franchise would be introducing new logos near the end of April, but the actual designs were not released.

Finally, according to the Miami Herald, the new, modernized logos of the Miami Dolphins have been confirmed. The actual unveiling still will not be held until late April, April 25 to be precise — the first day of the NFL Draft.

That’s right: The very first time the team’s new look will be shown on national television is when Miami’s first-round pick walks up to the stage and accepts a new Nike jersey and cap from commissioner Roger Goodell.

Talk about theatrics.

Specifically, the Dolphins will be keeping their color scheme, and by ‘keeping it’ we mean they will be returning to their original Aqua and Orange from back in the day. The colors had darkened somewhat over the years, and the team wanted to bring back the popped, bright colors of yesteryear.

That back-to-the-future mentality is further exemplified in the iconic dolphin logo itself: The focus is now drawn more to the sunburst behind the more mature, faceless fish. It’s a modernized take on one of the most classic looks in the NFL.

Another confirmed detail: For the first time in the history of the franchise, the Fins’ face masks will be white instead of teal. The only other team in the league with white facemasks is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course, there are plenty of men and women out there who will point to the tradition behind the more cartoonish logo and scowl at the new look.

That’s fine — the Dolphins have been bad for quite some time, but are plowing into the next decade with tons of free agent spending and a new look.

For fashion-forward Miami, this should be right in lock-step with its culture.

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