Meet University of Oklahoma twirler Sarah Harris: From Tuscaloosa to Norman

If you don’t happen to follow along closely to Oklahoma football, you probably aren’t aware of University of Oklahoma’s twirler, Sarah Harris. She’s a fan favorite among Sooner Nation. One quick look at her in action and it’s easy to see why.

Adding to the intrigue is her story of how she got to OU. Harris used to twirl at Alabama, her brother was a scholarship football player for the Tide, and her family roots for ‘Bama. As a senior in high school, she told her family that she was going to attend UA until the coveted twirling position at Oklahoma opened. She bided her time in Tuscaloosa until she could audition, where she was chosen out of a ton of other candidates. caught up with Harris at Oklahoma’s Sugar Bowl upset of Alabama for an interview, which you can view below. Followed by the video are a handful of photos, courtesy of her Twitter account.