Oregon Ducks announce 2013 cheerleaders, hold onto your seats folks

Photo via @OregonCheer.

Photo via @OregonCheer.

The moment all college football fans across the country have been waiting for has finally arrived: The Oregon Ducks cheerleading squad for the 2013-14 season has officially been announced.

The fine folks over at Busted Coverage said it best, “It’s like Christmas morning for Brent Musberger.”

It’s like Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Musberger’s birthday, all wrapped in thick sliced bacon.

People want to talk about the Cowboys or Dolphins cheerleaders, but we say nay. This is the Ducks cheerleaders’ world and everyone else is just living in it. But we are ok with that, because that means it’s a beautiful world.

Gamedayr Nation, it is time to meet the squad that’ll be gracing the sidelines all season long.

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Photos via @OregonCheer.