Photos: Plane crashes near tailgaters on University of Florida campus

Florida fans were excited for the very first night game of the year against Bret Bielema’s Arkansas Razorbacks. However, some Gators tailgaters nearly found themselves at the very wrong place at the wrong time.

A small banner plane crashed at Flavet Field on Florida’s campus. It reportedly landed on top of an unoccupied car. In an odd twist of fate, the company to whom the pane is registered is the same group that flew the ‘Tebow, Why Not?” banner over a Jacksonville Jaguars game.



It was a scary scene. There were two passengers in the plane at the time of the crash. Both are alive but suffered multiple lacerations.

Photo: Robert Juden/Twitter

Photo: Robert Juden/Twitter

Here’s a clearer view of the overturned truck and plane.


The truck is overturned with shattered windshield and mangled roof.


Many Florida Gators fans congregated nearby to see the wreckage.

Thankfully, the crash was not fatal. Fans were able to get back to their revelries before the evening’s game.

After a disheartening loss to Miami in Week 2, many Florida fans joked that the sky was falling. This is surely not what they meant. We’re happy nobody was seriously injured and that this scary situation ended with the best possible outcome.

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