Photos: Rex Ryan enjoys tailgating scene before Clemson vs. Georgia game


We had already learned that New York Jets coach Rex Ryan skipped his team’s cut-down day in order to take in Clemson’s season-opener against Georgia. His son is a walk-on with the Tigers.

However, all we had really seen was one picture of Rex hanging out inside with a Clemson shirt on. Boring – and not very substantive.

Never fear, Gamedayr Nation: With internet comes photos, and with photos come shots of Ryan tailgating outside of Clemson’s home stadium.

It was a pretty cool thing for Clemson fans, of course. One prominent New York Daily News reporter, Manish Mehta, was not quite so amused.

Rex Ryan was living it up at a parking lot tailgate Saturday, clad in Clemson gear, posing for pictures with coeds far away from where he needed to be.

He shirked his professional responsibilities for personal ones, Dead Coach Walking in Death Valley, furthering the perception that he’s nothing more than a figurehead patrolling the Jets sidelines these days.

It was the exact wrong move at the exact wrong time for a man supposedly fighting for his head coaching life.

Ryan’s decision to skip cut-down day, regarded as the most important 24 hours in pro personnel departments across the league, to watch his son, Seth, a freshman walk-on wide receiver at Clemson, face Georgia in South Carolina revealed how much the head coach has been marginalized.

NFL head coaches live at their respective team facilities on cut-down day, shaping the roster and bidding farewell to players.

So the man spent a little time with his family on a day that he could have very well already prepared for ahead of time (referencing cut-down day). Tailgating Death Valley just so happened to be a perk of the situation, and we can’t blame him for that.




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