Have you ever wondered what a Seattle Seahawks-themed wedding looks like?

seattle seahawks themed wedding

Forget fan loyalty. What we have here, ladies and gents, is the most Gamedayr-approved showing of fan support we have ever seen.

Ryan and Janna Willmaser got married on June 1 at Wine & Roses Country Estate. Instead of any sort of traditional wedding theme, the entire ceremony — wardrobes and all — was decked out in the Seattle Seahawks’ neon green and teal blue color scheme. However, like any Seahawks-inspired wedding (because there are so many?), Janna’s initial plans were very different.

“It was never intended to be Seahawks-themed,” the Willmasers admitted of their wedding. “However, if Ryan had his way, it would have taken place in the end zone of CenturyLink Field.

“Janna wanted the colors to be spring green and black. When trying to pick out the guys’ clothes, Ryan always gravitated to the bright, Seahawks-green color, so that is where that part came from.

“As for the jerseys and flag, we wanted to get all of our groomsmen something fun and that they would use over and over again. Since we all tailgate together and have a mutual Seahawks obsession, the jerseys were an obvious choice.”

It all actually looks really legit, even though it may sound a little crazy … although their wedding vows may have actually been a little loco.

Reverend: Will you love her in a box? Will you love him and the Seahawks?
Ryan: I will love her in a box!
Janna: I will always root for the Hawks!

For those of you wondering, the Reverend willing to include a football team in a couple’s sacred wedding vows is wearing No. 9 in the backfield in the photo above — so yeah, he’s pretty into it too.

Here’s several more photos from Ryan and Janna’s special day, all by Jane Gershovich of JaneG. Photography:

(Our favorite is the Seahawks-themed garter; that’s every guy’s dream right there)

seattle seahawks themed wedding 1

seattle seahawks themed wedding 2

seattle seahawks themed wedding 3

seattle seahawks themed wedding 4

seattle seahawks themed wedding 5

seattle seahawks themed wedding 6

seattle seahawks themed wedding 8

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