Meet Samantha Maddox: College of Charleston tennis player, budding bikini model

samantha-maddox- bikini paulina gretzky

Photo via COED

If you have never heard of Samantha Maddox, well, it’s time to brush up on your East Coast, mid-major women’s tennis, as well as your up-and-coming bikini models.

Maddox is currently a sophomore at College of Charleston, where she does enjoy a spot on the tennis team. However, she is becoming far more notable for her endeavor into the world of very little clothing and a great many photos.

Oh yes, and did we mention that she is close to the one and only Paulina Gretzky, as well as girlfriend of Austin Johnson, the brother of Paulina’s boyfriend Dustin Johnson?

Enjoy the gallery.

[GIF: Paulina Gretzky celebrates Fourth of July]

[Photos via COED]