Wayne Gretzky hammered drunk looks as great as it sounds

Photo via Twitter (@Iamjordanharris).

Photo via Twitter (@Iamjordanharris).

Is there anything better than athletes cutting loose and putting their drunk face on? Let’s rephrase that, is there anything better than high profile individuals tipping a few back in public?

We like to believe that there is a correlation between greatness and getting absolutely sloshed. Legendary things tend to happen. Just ask any college student how much better game day was after the fifth funnel.

Take Tiger Woods for example. Woods recently took a trip to hammered town with Lindsey Vonn in tow at the Met Gala. The very next weekend he won The Players Championship.

No coincidence there, folks.

Need another example? Papa John decided to go HAM at the Louisville Cardinals’ national championship game, and what did Rick Pitino and crew do? Reward Papa with a title trophy.

What about Craig Sager. Would any of his suits be made possible if he didn’t pass out in random hotel lobbies, completely blitzed? We think not.

Finally we come full circle to legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky. According to Deadspin (via Shot of Ginn), Gretzky was in Greenville, SC last week for the BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament.

Gretzky put his most-solid drunk face on after hitting the links and these legendary photos are the result.

What’s the chance someone had just informed Gretzky of his daughter Paulina’s Twitter and Instagram escapades?

Photo via Twitter (@TheRealNickiT).

Photo via Twitter (@TheRealNickiT).