Ray Allen will wear ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’ Miami Heat jersey per Spike Lee

The rumors are true: Ray Allen will wear a “Jesus Shuttleworth” Miami Heat jersey during a few select games during the 2013-14 season. Film director and basketball connoisseur Spike Lee posted a photo of the jersey with the following caption to Instagram.

For A Few Select Games My Main Man Ray Allen Will Wear JESUS SHUTTLES WORTH On THe Back OF His Jersey. The Legend Of HE GOT GAME Continues To Grow.Da Greatest Joint About BALL Ever Made.YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF

Earlier in the year, it was reported that a handful of teams would participate in wearing jerseys with players’ nicknames on the backs. Fans immediately thought of Allen and his legendary character from the movie “He Got Game,” Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Now, two of basketball’s favorite names will combine on the real life court, and it couldn’t be more perfect.

ray allen jesus shuttlesworth jersey

[Thanks to FTW for the assist]