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Ray Lewis will not do trademark pre-game dance before Super Bowl XLVII

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis (52) dances for wide receiver Jacoby Jones (12) and wide receiver Torey Smith (82) following the game of the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts at M&T Bank Stadium. (Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports)

Ray Lewis is a man who needs very little introduction.

The legendary Baltimore linebacker is rounding out his 17-year career with a starting role as the heart and soul of the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

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However, according to ESPN, Lewis has already taken his last dance.

Lewis’ trademark pre-game dance, in which he pumps his arms and legs that impresses some people (we’ll reserve our criticisms for now) in an effort to get himself pumped up, has been performed for the very last time.

No matter what happens on Super Sunday, no matter what is seen, the dance will not be done — it will not be seen. It is of note that teams are introduced as a whole in the Super Bowl, and not individual players, which could have led to part of Lewis’ decision to not perform the dance.

Ravens fans may be upset by this. However, should Lewis carry his team to a Super Bowl XLVII victory, no one will miss the dance.

They’ll be too busy dancing in the streets, and Lewis himself will be far too busy hoisting a second career Lombardi Trophy.

Forget the dance, is the legend going to grow antlers in the middle of the game?

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What do you think?
  • Cain5150

    Pretty self egrandizing for a man of god.

    • mghjr88

      No kidding. It’s all about Ray.

  • Carol Sibley

    He needs to stay out of the limelight! People are not wild about him – he is VERY important in his own mind …..he has had a shady life. Just get thru this game and quietly retire ………….bye!

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  • JLivermore

    When did they start being introduced as a team? I’m pretty sure he did that disgusting dance in 2001, less than 6 months after being spared a jail sentence.

    • O.B

      You’re absolutely right,just stealing the mans thunder on the last game of a brilliant 17 year career very PETTY no fun league.

  • Keelie Caitlin Smith

    Disappointing to not see the Lewis prance. :( But we won!

  • O.B

    It just let’s me know that RACISM is still alive and well in amerikkka!!!

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