Red McCombs apologizes to Charlie Strong for public criticism

University of Texas booster Red McCombs has apologized to new Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong. According to the San Antonio Express-News, the two men spoke on the phone Thursday, where McCombs backed off his public criticism of the coach.

Earlier in the week McCombs went on two radio programs blasting Texas for signing Strong. Some of the more notable lines from McCombs’ screed were him calling the hire a “kick in the face,” and insinuating Strong “would make a great position coach, maybe a coordinator.”

Most of McCombs’ disappointment came from the school’s failure to land Jon Gruden – his desired choice. He also asserts that, despite some media assumptions, his remarks were not racially motivated.

“I’m not sure I knew anything about the race issue until it was broadcast like that. I didn’t even think about that.”

According to McCombs, Strong said an apology was not necessary, that he only wanted the booster’s support. The two men have reached a détente and look forward to mutually bettering the Longhorns football program.

  • williered

    Red McComb’s rant regarding C.Strong had nothing to do with the Coach, but it had everything to do with the over-the-top ego of a rich old man. McCombs thinks the good-ole-boy UT political cesspool still dominates when in fact, it began the unraveling process with the departure of Deloss Dudds and Mack “what me worry” Brown.