Red McCombs rips Charlie Strong again, thinks Jon Gruden would be among greatest ever

Apparently one radio interview wasn’t enough. We first posted a transcript of Texas booster Red McCombs blasting the Longhorns’ Charlie Strong hire on ESPN 1250 San Antonio from Monday. Now, he’s hit the airwaves at KESN-FM 103.3, and his comments were just as ignorant.

McCombs wanted to see the school that he’s donated millions of dollars to hire Super Bowl winning coach Jon Gruden. Following is the transcript of his interview, courtesy of Dallas

“I’m just saying that five out of 15 shots — I think Jon Gruden would’ve gotten it done.”

“I gathered that he was very interested,” McCombs said in regards to reaching out to Gruden on his own. “But he was very concerned about whom he’d be working for, whom he’d report to…and I was trying to find some way to get an audience to where he could get that information, and that just never took place.”

“I was not on the search committee. I had no official role whatsoever. However, the people that were in charge were aware that I was talking to Jon and I was trying to develop some interest with Jon.”

“I was disappointed on a relative basis. I thought we had the chance to have the absolute beauty of the ball and instead we got a princess of the ball. We’ll do well with Charlie. I don’t have any doubt.

“I have no issue with Charlie. I just happen to think I had a champion of the world that could’ve done it. And Charlie may be another one. We’ll just have to see.”

For a man that has no issue with Strong, McCombs’ attitude towards him suggest otherwise. In the interview with ESPN 1250 San Antonio, he went as far as to state that Strong would be a “great position coach, maybe coordinator.”

The fact that one of Gruden’s main concerns was with who he’d be working for shows just how far out of touch McCombs is with the game, and why he wasn’t a member of the search committee in the first place.

If Gruden could win five out of 15 titles, he’d be coaching in college, because that is legendary status.

  • cooldude

    I wish Gruden would go to Texas and get him out of the broadcast booth. can”t stand his mouth