Renaldo Balkman banned from basketball in the Philippines

renaldo balkman chokes player

Last Friday, Renaldo Balkman took out his frustrations by choking a teammate during a basketball game. It was an embarrassing move for the former NBA player and one that has cost him the ability to play basketball in the Philippines.

Philippine Basketball Association commissioner Chito Salud released a statement on Monday regarding the decision (via The New York Times):

Salud said he took into consideration Balkman’s past record as a player, which included a head-butting incident during a FIBA-Americas game between his Puerto Rico side and Venezuela.

“I also took into consideration Balkman’s evident disregard for local and the host country’s sensibilities highlighted by his choking act on-court in full public view of his own team mate who was trying to pacify him,” Salud said.

“I do encourage passion for the game but I also want to firmly instill a culture of accountability among our players. If one does something that violates the rules and the norms of sportsmanship and decent behavior, he will be made accountable.”

Balkman has also been fined 250,000 Philippine pesos ($6,100) for his transgressions on the court.

The NYT reports that no details on whether or not this is a lifetime ban have been released.

For the video of the incident, click here.

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