Report: Judge rejects NFL’s $765 million concussion settlement

A federal judge has rejected the NFL’s $765 million concussion settlement on the grounds that the sum may be too small to substantially cover injured players.

The initial settlement happened in August 2013, when the league negotiated a payment to former players in order to pay medical costs. While the amount seemed large, Sports Illustrated reported that the NFL may have escaped with a bargain.

However, the league dodged a major bullet when it settled with the plaintiffs for $765 million plus legal and administrative costs. The total amount, expected to exceed $1 billion, appears to be a major amount, but it pales in comparison to what it could have been had the individual and group lawsuits actually hit the courts. The $765 million amount was earmarked for injury settlements, medical benefits for retired players, and to fund medical and safety research related to the game.

It now appears that the NFL may be forced to pay out more money. The Associated Press notes that the judge’s ruling stems from concern over the amount and severity of future diagnoses.

Brody, in her ruling Tuesday, notes that the plan is designed to cover nearly 20,000 men for 65 years.

She says she is mostly concerned that not all retired players who are someday diagnosed with a related brain injury will be paid.

There has been no official statement from the league as of writing.